Page 9 - Fastrack Optional Modules

Online Adjudication
Fastrack’s Online Adjudication (NCPDP D.0) application communicates directly with 1000’s of
PBM programs, to process real time billing of Medications, as well as ANY products with a
valid NDC, including Enteral, Diabetic and Urological supplies.
Receive immediate responses at the time of
dispensing regarding coverage, patient
responsibility, copay amounts and payment
Improve Cash Flow by billing at the time of
dispensing, with no additional EMC
transmission processes necessary for these
types of items
TPN Calculator
Fastrack’s TPN calculator functionality is fully integrated with the Fastrack Homecare Pharmacy
System and includes an interface to most BAXA Compounders. With one point of data entry for
these complicated compounds, errors are reduced and valuable pharmacist time to manage these
types of prescriptions, is minimized.
With numerous data entry options, orders received from physicians in a variety of ways, can be
accommodated. Whether the prescription calls for specific ingredients, total number of calories –
including the ability to balance the total carbohydrates, proteins and fats, or total attribute amounts,
the Fastrack TPN Calculator can manage the calculations. With a fully customizable TPN formulary,
the ability to pool electrolytes, enter specific intrinsic and attribute values for tracking and calculation,
is all available at your fingertips. In addition, clinical reporting tools, reflecting the total nutritional
amounts of the various ingredients within a compound, specific gravity calculations, osmolarity and
more, are available.
BAXA™ is a registered trademark of the BAXA Corporation.
Electronic Controlled Substance Reporting
In states where controlled substance reporting is mandated the Fastrack HomeCare Pharmacy
clients can electronically submit controlled substance reports.
Track Schedule 1-5 controlled substances for FDA and state government reporting purposes
Meet Accreditation requirements
Subject to availability by state