Page 10 - Fastrack Optional Modules

Interfaces and Integration
Fastrack API
A powerful tool that aids in the integration with third party applications. Ideal for eliminating
the need for manually inputting of data with other systems including website/Storefronts,
CRM Applications and more.
HL7 Interface
Send data seamlessly from your hospital or other health care application directly into Fastrack
utilizing the HL7 Compliant inbound and outbound interface kits. When the hospital discharges a
patient, demographic information can automatically populate the Fastrack intake database.
General Ledger/Payroll Interface
The Fastrack General Ledger Interface facilitates the flow of information from your Fastrack application
to third party accounting systems. General Ledger accounts in Fastrack are linked to corresponding
accounts in your General Ledger allowing for full control over the data that is transferred. Home
Healthcare Agencies can export payroll information to third party payroll software or payroll processing
companies including ADP and Paychex.
New QuickBooks Interfaces Now Available links to both
General Ledger and Accounts Payable.
Custom Interfaces
The Fastrack development team is available to work with your staff to create custom interfaces to link
to third party software products. We have extensive experience with interfacing to hospital systems,
accounting software including Materials Management and CRM packages.
Fastrack offers an XML interface to Sleep Lab Packages to capture
sleep studies and new patient information!
Strategic Healthcare Programs Interface
Interface to one of the nation’s leading healthcare data management systems and look at how you
stack up against your competition. SHP works for you if you are a Home Infusion Pharmacy, Home
Medical Equipment provider or Home Health Agency. Your data that is entered into the Fastrack
system for Survey’s, HHRGS, Infection control and more is interfaced to SHP so that your data entry
is done one time only.
Comparison of your company to other companies from the statistical database
Comparison of your company to your figures from a past time period
Graphical representation of just where you stand compared to other companies and your own
Requires Strategic Healthcare Partners subscription