Page 8 - Fastrack Optional Modules

Patient/Employee Scheduling
The Fastrack Scheduling Module features a unique on-screen calendar for scheduling by pa-
tient, employee or a team of employees. A scheduling system so sophisticated that you can
easily assign the best eligible employee to the patient while minimizing overtime.
Choice of scheduling by patient or employee via an on-screen line calendar. Simply drag
and drop with the mouse to add or change appointments
See schedules for multiple employees for a given date and time span.
On-line availability searches with user
defined criteria per employee such as;
language, skill set required, allergies, geographic location, etc. for matching patient
needs with appropriate employee skills and characteristics. Checks employee availability
by: Dates and days of the week; Hours available to
work, taking into consideration if employee is already
scheduled, on call, holidays, vacations, sick days and
other availability exceptions
Search for patients or employees or Search for
employees for specific patients
Creation of short/long term or indefinite recurring
schedules. Eliminates need for job order entry.
Captures transportation costs (mileage, tolls, etc.)
and usage of supplies.
Verification of Home Care visits results in schedules
automatically turned into services for billing and up-
dates payroll records.
Referral Management System
Fastrack’s Referral Management System facilitates entry of new referrals, assigning the patient to
one or more HME, Infusion/Pharmacy, and/or Home Care Agency locations. Ideal for call centers
and operations with a centralized intake.
Customize the entry screens to meet your specific needs! Display only those fields required during
your intake process, even change the field names to match terminology that is familiar to your staff.
With the use of user defined fields, virtually any data can be captured.
Check eligibility “real-time”
Establish patient status: Active, Pending or Not Accepted
Allows for tracking the reason referral was not accepted.
Alerts key personnel at branch level by email and/or the Fastrack Task Manager, so your customer
service staff at the branch knows to follow-up on new admissions.
Web Portal
The Web Portal is an online gateway to the Fastrack
application for business partners including;
physicians, sales reps and referral sources, as well as
patients to review and enter information.
Reduce paperwork and data entry.
Makes it easier for “partners” to do business with
the provider and enhances the image of the busi-
Helps integrate external sources with the Provider’s
business. Helps generate new referral sources.
Automates the generation of new patients and or-
Includes Referral Management System