Page 5 - Fastrack Optional Modules

Touch Screen Enabled Point of Sale
Key features/Benefits:
Touch Screen Enabled POS
Integrated Internet enabled credit & debit card
processing available
Inventory control by store location
Prints courtesy 1500 form
Tracks customer deposits
Allows for discounts by line item or entire
order, with the ability to have different
discounts per customer type
Extensive security for cashiers and supervisors
Ensures that all payments are accounted for when
closing out the drawer
Supports multi-site locations with multiple POS stations per store
Fastrack offers the Hewlett Packard POS System featuring a touch screen enabled monitor, bar code
scanner for quick & accurate capture of product, serial and/or lot numbers, mag strip reader for
credit card processing, receipt printer, cash drawer, display pole and 3yr on-site maintenance from
Electronic Credit Card Processing
The Electronic Credit Card Processing functionality can be accessed in multiple areas of the system
including; Order Entry, Cash Posting, A/R Management & Collections, immediate billing changes,
Point of Sale, recurring billing charges, patient A/R Inquiry and direct billing. Allows the provider to
choose their own processor bank. Secure transactions sent via the Internet.
e-Commerce Storefront
The Fastrack e-Commerce site offers providers a full solution for a professional Internet presence to
start generating additional revenue with your own storefront 24/7!
To fully automate your storefront, orders can be
seamlessly passed to the Fastrack Order Entry and
Intake modules or utilize our interface tools to connect
to third party products.
Unlike most cookie-cutter shopping cart solutions, we
believe that your store should be as unique and as
personal as you want, to match your unique business
positioning and business philosophy. So Fastrack
provides you almost total control over the visual
appearance of your storefront pages.
Hundreds of powerful features:
Vary product prices for each customer level
Automatic e-mail notification to customer with receipt
Upsell product features
Accepts payment by credit/debit cards,
PayPal or by patients entering insurance
and physician information.