Page 4 - Fastrack Optional Modules

Optimized Routing System
Improve Efficiency & Productivity—Provide Better Service to Your Patients
FASTRACK Routing & Dispatching builds intelligent routes based on actual network drive
times, not straight-line distances. Based on the information you provide, FASTRACK
retrieves the orders or assignments for the day and constructs the route that optimizes
drive time reducing costs and provides better service to your patients.
Key Features/Benefits:
Optimize Delivery Routes—reduce fuel costs!
Turn-by-turn directions
Print maps with color-coded routes.
Produce Driver Manifests
Utilizes the most up to date map data
Cut travel time and reduce cost.
Reduce or eliminate overtime.
Address matching (geocoding)
Balance employee workload
Assign orders to specific vehicle or personnel
Dynamically add deliveries throughout the day
Integrates with Tom Tom Fleet Management Solution
Delivery Automation
Eliminate most of the headaches associated with deliveries, pick-ups and exchanges.
Utilizing tablet PCs or smart phones, capture the patient’s signature, the products being delivered or
picked up at the patient’s home or facility, including equipment, supplies and drugs. Data captured,
will automatically confirm the orders, eliminating the manual order confirmation process. Cash
received from the patient automatically updates cash receipts. Increases accuracy of data entered
into the system and improves customer service by ensuring the correct products and quantities
were delivered. Bills can be sent even before the driver returns! No more delays to billing because
the billing department can’t read the driver’s handwriting. Fastrack allows the driver to indicate
items refused by the patient and the appropriate reason. The driver can print receipts and other
documents right in the field!
Need to verify that the patient received the delivery? Fastrack auto-
matically places an “electronic copy” of the delivery ticket with the
patient’s signature in a pre-defined Document Management tab in
the patient record for ease of access.
Key Features/Benefits:
“Real-Time” order confirmation utilizing cellular or data connection
gets the bills out faster and reduces processing costs.
Send drivers new orders in the field.
Verifies correct product is being delivered - Capture serial/lot
Ideal for patient, facility and wholesale accounts
Accept and process credit cards in the field.
Confirm orders “real-time!”