Page 6 - Fastrack Optional Modules

Fastrack Medicare Gateway
The Fastrack Medicare Gateway allows providers to submit transactions to Medicare (CEDI)
through Fastrack’s secure website, with support for an unlimited number of users per
provider. The gateway works with CEDI (the four DMERCS) for the purpose of sending
claims (837P and 837I), processing 835 ERA files as well as the 997, GENRPT and other
reports. Fastrack offers real-time eligibility, claims status inquiry (CSI) and Same and
Similar transactions directly with CMS through the gateway.
Fastrack MDI Service
Fastrack MDI is a service from Fastrack Healthcare Systems, that uses a master death index
database, updated weekly to determine if patients in the provider’s Fastrack system are de-
Upon signing on for the Fastrack MDI service, a complete check of the provider’s database is initiated.
In the event there are patients found to be deceased; the date of death is inserted into the patient
record, the system can automatically discharge the patient, place all open orders including rentals
and recurring schedules on hold, create a pick-up ticket for equipment on rental and stops all
related billing. This same procedure will take place each time a Fastrack client initiates a status
check on an individual patient as well as when checking all patients with rental equipment, recurring
supply orders and pending bills. The Fastrack System will generate several reports including a list
of deceased patients for a specific time frame. This will help the collections staff in dealing with any
open account balances.
The Fastrack Service checks if the patient is deceased and
automatically suspends all transactions.