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Fastrack Infusion Pharmacy
TPN Entry and Management
calculator offers
the pharmacists the ability to not only enter a TPN ingredient by
ingredient, but also to enter by total calories, grams of protein or
electrolytes. Our formulary is specific to each pharmacy and
allowing for electrolyte pooling, specific gravity
calculations and automatic loading of many of the various
products’ intrinsic and attribute values.
Variable Drug Strength Management
Fastrack has the
ability to enter drug strength by lot number in an inventory
management function. Our inventory features and link with
®, allow for the identification of strength by lot on our
transfers functionality. This in turn allows for a specific selection of
product strengths within our Prescription entry screens. The end
Correct inventory for these high cost drugs, correct
pricing for reimbursement and overall inventory control
Interfaces with Medispan® for current AWP and Package
information, automated Drug Interaction checking and Patient
Education Monographs including differentiation between pediatric
and adult information.
Label production with FDA & caution messages.
Create own label with logo. Compounding Record Generation &
Pharmacy Board Reporting mechanisms for all states.
Automation of the
Clinical Coordination
and management of the
patient, including Care Planning, Prescription, Ancillary Supply
and Text templates.
Electronic Patient Charting
mechanisms, including Progress
Notes and Diagnosis Codes by care episodes.
Perpetual Inventory
Management and Lot Number Tracking
including variable drug strength medications where strengths and
lot numbers are tied together (i.e.: Recombinate) with the ability to
run recall reports.
Back Order System
for patient supplies and
Electronic Controlled Substance Reporting (where available).
Automated Drug Billing Unit Calculations
from Pharmacy
to Reimbursement. Regardless of the dispensing unit
in pharmacy, the Fastrack system will convert your drug bill
quantities to any unit you specify, automatically!
Automated Per diem Billing
functionality for supplies and
Based on contract pricing, the system will bundle
supplies into one per diem charge automatically, and assign the
appropriate S code for HIEC code billing compliancy. All of this
based on the therapy and frequency attached to the prescription.
Electronic Billing (Ansi 837)
for batch billing claims and
Adjudication (NCPDP)
features for any carriers that accept real
time billing at the time of dispensing that helps insure faster receipt
of payments.
Automated, user defined,
Carrier Specific Hold Options
scrub” your claims BEFORE they go out and are denied for
Accounts Receivable Management
functionality that allows for
the automated re-assignment of funds, adjustments and rebilling.
Cross Over Billing Functionality
as part of the Cash Receipts
Posting process, so your billing staff and collections staff are not
required to transfer balances manually.
Equipment and Supply Management allows for billing and tracking
of these items including reoccurring rentals.
Patient Demographic, Medical and Medication History Manage-
Allergy and Drug Interaction Checking and Reporting
Prescription, Supply and Text Templates
Insurance Profile Management, including: Per Diem special Pricing
Contract Management, Negotiated Patient Pricing Management,
HIPPA S Code Management, Procedure Code Management and
Billing Unit Calculations for Drug Reimbursement
Ability to Bill for Medications by Dose, Billing Unit, or the Full Vial
Manage AWP pricing at the product level, with options for
calculations based on AWP in special pricing for Third Party
User defined concentration specific entries for reconstruction of
powdered medication products
Ability to update specific portions of the Medispan records when
performing AWP updates
Ability to label and require prescription numbers for supply prod-
ucts with automated label printing functions in Supply Order entry
User defined fields provides the ability to capture virtually any
information in either a drop down window format or in entry fields
pre-defined by type.
BAXA is a registered trademark of the BAXA Corporation.
fully automates the Clinical and Business Operations of Home Infusion Providers.
Key Features/Benefits:
IV Flow Checklist—highlights task
not completed and guides the
pharmacists thru dispensing.
Partial List of Features -