Page 3 - Fastrack Optional Modules

Point of Care
Fastrack meets the key objectives of today’s Home Care Providers by offering a powerful Point
of Care System that can be tailored to meet the needs of a Respiratory Therapist, Infusion and
Homecare Nurses or other field personnel needing to collect data at the patient site. Easily
enter and complete Patient Assessments, Care Plans, the Plan of Treatment, Progress
Notes, and more on mobile devices including Notebooks or Tablet “PC’s”. Information
captured during the day at the patient’s home is sent real-time via cellular connection,
the Internet or downloaded to the fileserver at the corporate office for review or further
Key Features/Benefits:
Your staff can replicate existing data collection forms,
virtually eliminating the need for training. Entry of data
can follow existing forms with the added benefit of pre-
defined drop down list or text and check off boxes to help
standardize responses.
All patient information is accessible from one patient screen.
Ability to capture the patient’s signature.
Caregiver sees only patient files that are assigned to them.
Caregiver can download information on patients that have been
assigned to them.
Automated Wireless Warehouse Automation
Order Fulfillment
FASTRACK provides a tight integration between order entry and the picking of products in the ware-
house. Utilizing wireless communications, “electronic” pick tickets are sent directly to hand held
PDAs in the warehouse providing warehouse personnel with the product name, number and bin
location. As a product is picked the item is scanned and the system verifies whether it is the correct
item, eliminating shipping the wrong product to the patient or facility.
Warehouse Receipts
With the wireless PDA simply scan products
received to automatically update inventory,
eliminating the manual entry of products. If
the wrong product was shipped or in the case
of an over shipment, a warning appears on
the screen of the PDA device. Captures
product quantities and serial/lot numbers.
Now customer service knows
when products are in stock. Ability to print
bar code labels at Purchase Order creation or
upon receiving of goods. Ensures accurate
and timely receipt of products.
Physical Inventory
The Physical Inventory process just got
easier! Scan the product and serial/lot numbers and Fastrack compares the physical count with that
in the system. Improve Your Inventory Control and Receiving of Goods.